Sunday, March 6, 2016

Contemplation Of New Beginnings . . .

After 14 years and many failed attempts at gardening on these partially wooded acres I have come to the realization that I need, nay require a fresh design paradigm. For far too long I have thrown both time and money into the attempts at creating aesthetically pleasing landscapes, which become nothing less than dinner plates for the indigenous herbivores. A great salad bowl filled with the most exotic and expensive ingredients to tantalize the most discerning palate of members of the Cervdae and Leporidae families. Of which both have eaten most greedily. And who does one blame, one self of course. Having set a beautiful table I should expect the inevitable, but year after year I followed the trends of the day as well as traditional gardening design and I now trek out, forging my own path of garden/landscape design.

The course I have chosen will not be easy, all ready as spring begins to creep back into the woodlands I feel the urge to plant bulbs and organize boarders. Dare I admit to having already purchased two packs of Gladiolus bulbs, which pre chance is an oddity of the woodland. Deer and rabbit will eat the Gladiolus but as of yet have not touched the Iris bed. Curious indeed, this will require a little research.

Then there is the question of sustainability in an augmented natural setting. This will be a unique concept I feel, not that sustainability is new to gardening. But how I will approach the matter when compared to a design that is visually pleasing to look at from a human standpoint and being
un-appetizing to the herbivore population and still attractive to the pollinators.  There will be the need for research into the native plant species and list made as to those desirable for the new design and overall appeal for a more regional compatibility and cohesion.

Finally, there will need to be a review of current garden installations, what is working and thus to be kept. And what installations were epic failures and need to be erased from the landscape. A generalized new beginning all around will take place.

Shouldering spade I now muster onward… 

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