Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Source Points Of Inspiration …

The Blue Ridge Mountains can be a treasure trove of source points to inspire garden/landscaping installations. Dotted through the region one can find abandoned home sites marked by a solitary sentinel of the past. Found deep in the woods this lone chimney attests to human presents, long gone the inhabitants and wood bracing but still standing strong against the elements the rock remain. Rock harvested from the very mountains upon which it sits. More times than not, such chimneys found have already succumbed to the forces of nature and are nothing more than piles of rubble. Rubble that the forest has or soon will reclaim with a covering of vine and leaf litter, and with rain and the softening of the ground beneath, the rocks will once again return from which they came.

Having long coveted a ruin garden of my own. Last summer I set about the installation of one. Not having ruins, I made my own and used the concept of the lone chimney as my point of inspiration. I dry stacked a base that would serve as a planting area and then placed rocks back through the preexisting plant to resemble a rubble field that would have appeared when collapse of the upper part of the structure would have occurred.

To the installation I added a “homage” to early homesteaders in the area with the addition of a tool totem of found implements. I want to fine tune this installation a more this year and add at least one more tool totem and more indigenous plants. However, progress has been slow this spring since the winds of March have now turned to rains of March.

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