Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Woodland Preparations …

After several rainy weekends and numerous other setbacks, the annual spring mulching of the forest around the ol’ homestead finally got underway properly this weekend, as shown in the preceding picture below. In the foreground you can see the freshly mulch mowed area while the background and left side of the photo shows the forest leaf letter yet to be shredded. For some years I have tried to give at least a spring mulch mowing to the woods as a means of grooming the property. Most people have front yards; I on the other hand have front woods to which I lavish as much time on as other do their grassy lawns. Perhaps it is a deep seeded desire for said lawn that causes my obsession with keeping the forest floor in such condition.

Other, less then glamorous tasks, is the constant picking up of tree pieces. Living in the woods, one must expect twigs and braches to require picking up. However, since a devastating wind storm some years back, stressed tress that have finally given up the will shower me with gifts on a regular bases. As in the opening picture details, a maple that has slowly been dying a piece at a time bestow a fairly large limb into the head of the driveway installation the other week after heavy winds followed heavy rain. I have not as of yet removed the limb since I am enjoying the organic look it has added. In the next few weeks as my property clean-up work takes me into that vicinity I will remove it, but for the time being I am happy with the look.

My attention has been pulled to the natural growing rhododendron and hollies in a section of the upper front woods. As I continue to clean around in the area I am playing with the idea of creating an installation here and using the plants as the anchor. This will be more than a weekend project as the two picture below show the need of much clean-up and removal of downed limbs. But I feel it would be not so much a destination installation but more of a viewing feature. The first picture below shows the homestead in the background. And while not an often use spot I am sure it would offer a respite when out wondering about the acreage.

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