Monday, April 11, 2016

A Closer Look, Please …

The ongoing task of cleaning and mulching the front woods has continued this weekend. While moving slower that I would like, it is moving along at a steady clip having been able to push the un-kept area back by some yards. Affectively increasing the amount of groomed forest floor considered the homesteads front “lawn”. Admittedly, I am beginning to tire of the browns and greys that are currently making up the early spring color palette. Unfortunately, spring blooming trees such as the red bud and dogwoods do not populate the area I am currently working in. But there is spring color, color that the 26°F (-3°C) nightly temperatures are not causing to remain concealed from view. But if you look close, down hidden amount the leaf litter there is riotous spring color. Moss is now in full bloom.

Down, tight to the ground moss is celebrating spring with a fireworks display of reds.

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