Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Nasty Little Tool …

Looking more like a tool of the Inquisition, the item pictured below is an often used tool on swine farms. Commonly called a “Pig Ringer” it is the device used to place a staple looking ring in the nose of swine to prevent their rooting, I find the thoughts of its use for that purpose ghastly. But as tool it has “other”, less spine chilling, uses around the home and garden.

Today’s application was the joining of several inexpensive steel rod plant trellises too construct a decorative cage to protect the hostas in the head of the driveway landscaping from the deer. The arching of the trellis repeats that of a bakers rack already placed in the landscape as a potting/work bench.

I am pleased with this new cage because its decorative, the opening are big enough to get my hands through and work on the planter yet small enough to keep a deer’s head out, BOOYAH !!!

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