Sunday, April 17, 2016

End Of The Week, Start Of The Weekend …

Well here we are on Sunday morning and I have a full day planned out around the homestead, the mulch mowing continues. But as I go about my work I feel my thoughts will be elsewhere, from a design standpoint anyway.

As a creative outlet I work (play for pay) part-time for a local florist and this year we have been asked to create the florals for the big spring “DO” at a local liberal arts college the first weekend in June. So the other evening we tour the campus to view the various venues that we will be creating arrangements for. The three day event will require center pieces for breakfasts, brunches, lunches, dinners, dances, and picnics. All staged at different locations and many taking place at the same time.

As a means of starting the design process I am posting a few pictures of some of the locations as a way of theme planning. Some of the more important events will require a bit more of a lavish production, while others a more natural and earthy look.

Graduating Classes celebrating their 50th or more reunion are in the upper and lower levels of the Conference Center. The Class celebrating its 25th reunion is down at the boathouse. All other Classes will be celebrating with a picnic on the Upper Quad. All this happens simultaneously Friday evening. Pictured below is the Upper Quad.

Saturday an early breakfast with the College President will be held in the school’s Library in the periodicals reading room, pictured below. Flooded with light I am thinking greenhouse/garden-ie theme.

Saturday night in the schools dining hall will be the all attendees dinner and dance. Which will use the atrium and 5 associate dining rooms.

Then there will be memorials held in the Chapel on campus...

Well I guess I had best post this and get busy if I am going to get anything done around the homestead today.

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