Sunday, April 3, 2016

It’s An Ill Wind That Blows No Good …

Evening last, we suffered through yet another high wind event that preceded the cold front that swept through this morning, bring a teeth chattering 34°F. Having plotted off to bed last evening leaving the bedroom window open meant a most brisk temperature met me this morning as I awoke from my slumbers. As I lay there in the still morning contemplating the best way to extract myself from under the warm layers of quilts and comforters, my thoughts drifted to what awaited me outside after the night’s high winds. I had been lulled to sleep by the peppering of branches on the roof.

After my morning cup (pot) of coffee and thus suitably steadied I ventured out into the day. Being this early in the season The Jim and I have yet pulled the summer furniture out of storage and erected the deck canopy so there had been no mad evening dash to secure flyable’ s. As expected there was the normal assortment of twigs and small branches scattered about the deck and roof. A quick brooming took care of the deck; the roof is on the schedule for tomorrow. Larger debris was picked up from the driveway and the emergency generator cover replaced. The cover for the fire pit was a different story, surveying the yard it was not to be seen. Taking a que from the direction the generator cover had been a skewed I began my trek into the woods. Several yards in I found the wondering cover and happily retrieved it. Other than a few pieces of trash blow in from who knows where the cleanup will be minimal, actually un-noticeable when mixed with other need seasonal clean up item, ahem.

Before heading off to the part-time job to help “My Ladies” at the flower shop (wedding flowers for a photo ops at a new wedding venue) I strolled the Up Front landscaping installation, which by the by has yet to see a gardeners hand this spring, ahem. I was surprised, pleasantly so, to see the hosta planter sprouting. Of course around here we have another name for hosta’s, “Deer Candy”. I need to devise an artfully pleasing fence for them and the sooner the better.

Also in the Up Front, and for which I cannot take credit, Her Ladyship has likewise sprouted. Her Ladyship is a wild and native “Lady Slipper”. I stumbled across her a couple of years ago and placed a rose cage around her for protection. Since a large portion of the Lady Slippers natural habit has disappeared I was most ecstatic to have one volunteer to grow on the property and have taken great care not to disturb her. My efforts have been rewarded by having her as a photographic subject.

And as always the little Red Bud behind the hydrangea berm is showing off in spectacular fashion. Once this little fellow goes into full flower spring is not too far behind in earnest. I have been watching the progression of the red buds blooming up the mountain sides. Starting at the base, as spring progresses so to the blooming trees up the mountain. Once the red buds start to fade, dogwoods will take their place and then the trees will begin leafing proper. The headiness of spring is truly upon us.

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