Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Weed Trimming, Mountain Style …

Today’s high only got up to 61°F, which was perfect weather for doing a little heavy property cleaning in the Front Woods. Spring cleaning had progressed to the fallen popular tree that I had been working around for a couple of weeks now. Actually having procrastinated pulling the chain saw I figured today would be the day to take care of this project. It’s not that I don’t like using a chain saw, on the contrary, I “love” using the chain saw, perhaps a bit too much. It’s the picking up, splitting and then stacking of the wood cut. Below I have gotten well into the task of cutting the tree up into manageable pieces.

Once cutting was completed and the wood stacked out of the way I jumped back into mulch mowing the area that I had been circling for the last little bit. Now the view out the front window is most pleasing. But there is still several standing dead that will need to be brought down in the next few weeks. Once the wood is split it will be destine for use in the fireplace in the clubroom of the homestead as and emergency heat source or in the fire-pit on summer nights on the deck, hmm, now I have the cravings for smore’s.

Finally a unique woodland happenstance, a ring of hollies around the base of a white oak, will have to research forest lore and see if there is any significant legend about such a growing combination. This could be one of those natural occurring plant groupings that will become a feature in the landscape.  

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