Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Lazy Days Of Summer …

Having ebbed into full summer here at Fox Paw, all work has slowed to the mundane, the routine. When not mowing grass or pulling weeds we set on the deck or in the shade of the grapevine on the gravel terrace and enjoy what the labors of spring have wrought. We make mental notes of what has done well and what has been less than stellar, what has flourished and what became fodder for the wild life.

Over the years, through trial and error we have learned what not to plant and what seems to leave a bad taste on the herbivores palate. Yet there are some plants we suffer the agony of loss as old gardening/planting habits are hard to break. The growing of Hosta’s is just one of those habits. The planting of Hosta’s in the past has been nothing less than ringing a dinner bell for the local deer population. And once again, last year Hosta’s went into a landscape planting area, but with a difference, they were potted. Not just potted, but a makeshift cage was placed around them, they thrived.

The next hurdle came with winter, would they survive the freezing temperature in their above ground pot home. Spring saw they had and we were jubilant. This year I chose to upgrade the caging to a more artistic means, using inexpensive trellising from a big box store I fashioned a wire screen around the Hosta pots. The black wire trellising all but disappears in the shadows. The thinking was, at night, prime grazing time for the deer, should they find the Hosta’s they would bump their noses on the wire and hopefully frighten them off. To date this seems to have worked.

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