Monday, August 1, 2016

Drowning In A Sea Of Sweat …

Well the “Dog Days Of Summer” must truly be upon us here in the Blue Ridge. I for one was happy for it’s later than usual arrival this year but now with days edging close to 100°F and with the humidity hovering around 98% I look back to our cool Spring with the fondest of thoughts.

Now as we sit here on the first day August one reflects back on the month just past. July slipped onto the seasonal calendar much as a lover slipping into bed. Delicate was its caress, so delicate it barely ruffled a leaf among the tree canopy. Sweetly it kissed ones senses during the day and leaving one on the edge at night with coolness only this month of summer can employ. As the days ebbed, this lover became more intense soon a heat would come upon us, a damp sticky heat trapping all as a fly in honey. Nights of light sleep are now spent feverishly writhing in this lovers python like embrace.

Sultry days now end climatically with thunder and clouds pulsing with white hot electrical charges and then a deluge of rain, rain that falls heavy in great splatters of heat before turning into a sensation of chilliness as the warm air is washed of its temperate state. And as the day darkens, the ground begins to give back the heat stolen in great columns of steam rising toward the starry sky.  

As July departed last night a final kiss was given and it slipped quietly from the calendar to make way the eighth month to bring itself forward.

The rains and heat of July have added to the lushness of the forest floor.

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