Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Encroaching Lushness …

The weather pendulum has once again swung into milder temperature ranges, yesterday’s high only made it on 70°F and moistness, and it has been drizzly to rainy for the last few days. The overall mildness of this summer has been rarely seen in this area of the Blue Ridge physiographic province of the Appalachian mountain range for some years. The norm of cool springs melting into hot summers by the end of June and early July has not held sway this year. Temperatures have only reached the mid 90 in the last couple of weeks and at the start of this week have retreated back into the 70’s and 80’s, a temperature range I am not complaining about. Yet it comes at a price.

After summers of a laissez-faire practice of grounds upkeep, the mowing of those spotty areas of green ground cover I loosely refer to as a lawn, every three to four weeks, has now become a weekly chore as the surrounding forest has begun an encroachment not unlike a constrictor slowly squeezing its leafy coils. But unlike a pythons caress of death the forest’s brings life, with increased bird and mammal, reptile and insect, welcomed or not. And roads less traveled then others are slowly becoming obscured as waves of foliage cascade in from both sides. All of this a reminder that Nature can and will hide the labor of Man.

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