Sunday, January 8, 2017

First Snow Of 2017 …

The Blue Ridge Mountains were blanketed on the first snow of 2017 night before last and yesterday. While not one of the deepest we have had the subfreezing temperatures has made it one of slickest in some time. I had no option but to run the gauntlet and go to work to which the usual forty-five minute drive took two hours. By midday the sun had popped out and started the melting which would only be freezing back in a couple of hours making for even dicer conditions. Compressing required tasks into just a few high energy hours I was able to depart about two thirty in the afternoon. A quick stop by the administrative office and a run through of the grocery store and I was on my way home by three thirty and making it home by five. The first snow of 2017 has gone down in the record books, if not around here, then further up the eastern seaboard.

Looking out into the backyard, the snow is now hiding many attention required projects. I will enjoy the as is and not ponder what lies waiting beneath.  --  G